Articles by Howard Green

Jesus is Freezing in Indy


Love for Jesus and other people is the motive for meeting desperate needs. As believers, we can’t simply look away, ignore needs, or say ‘be filled.’ We need to show people the love of Jesus while we still have time left to do so.

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Jesus Matters Most


Anxiety feels like barbarians rioting in the streets of your mind. In part because anxiety presumes a great distance between God and my present concerns.

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Your Best Life Now or Later?


The problem is that the Bible never promises anyone your best life now, but it promises believers that in this life we will have tribulation, that Jesus is coming soon and he will repay us according to what we have done.

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Scoffers Will Come


We want to focus on here is the elephant in the middle of the evangelical livingroom. The elephant in the room is the continued ignoring of sound end time Bible prophecy teaching.

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Romancing the World


The biblical mandate is to go to all nations and make disciples, but too many of our churches and leadership are content with romancing the world.

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