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Panorama of Jerusalem, Israel. View from the Mount of Olives.

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  • Empty Tomb – Blessed Hope

    The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus is the most debated, contested, and polarizing event in human history. It divides our calendar, volumes have been written about it, and over two billion people alive today claim it as the truth. It’s not my intent to debate the events because this…

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  • Is Bible Prophecy Relevant? Part 2

    There is a consensus among many respected Bible teachers and prophecy scholars that we are nearing the time of the Lord’s return.

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  • Many Will Come in My Name

    Mormons are (not) Christians and we cannot engage in Christian fellowship just because they name the name of Jesus. They represent a different Jesus. We should reach out to them in love and be a bold witness for the gospel and Jesus.

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