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Panorama of Jerusalem, Israel. View from the Mount of Olives.

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  • Global Situation Update

    The only “provocation” evil Islamist need to justify acts of terror on innocent women, children, and Christians……is for people not to bow the knee and convert to Islam.

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  • Flirting With Jezebel

    I’m simply jealous for the rightful place of ‘church’ and ‘fellowship’ in Christian life because many are becoming social hubs, not places of prayer, evangelism, and discipleship.

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  • Delusion at the Checkpoint

    What I find very disturbing, is a trend that has infiltrated the church. This trend started in mainline denominations and has quickly spread to an increasing number of evangelical circles. What is this disturbing trend? It is a movement that sides with Hamas, radical Palestinian groups, and the “peace in our time” crowd while demonizing Israel for defending itself.

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