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Panorama of Jerusalem, Israel. View from the Mount of Olives.

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  • The Reality of Heaven

    Based on the evidence in scripture, I believe the only thing that will matter in 100 years is where we will be and who we will be with. If you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you will be with Him in heaven at the moment you die or are raptured.

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  • Churchianity isn’t Christianity

    What do the great actors of film have to do with last days Christianity? Quite a lot because we are living in a day when it’s not easy to differentiate between the true followers of Jesus and those who are simply Christian actors. I don’t know what motivates one to be a pretender instead of the real thing. One thing is certain: Churchianity isn’t Christianity.

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  • As You See The Day Approaching

    It’s seems that many Christians are breathing a sigh of relief and feeling a sense of ‘peace and safety’ in recent weeks. I want to remind you that ‘the Day’ is still approaching

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