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Panorama of Jerusalem, Israel. View from the Mount of Olives.

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  • Bema Seat Living

    There is a day coming in which every Christian will stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ. On that day we will see our Lord face to face and He will give us our rewards based on what we do for His kingdom now in this life. With that sobering thought in mind, we need to examine our heart and our motives to be intentional about Bema Seat living.

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  • No Room In The Middle

    In the wide world of all inclusive ecumenical feel good religion….it’s ok to say God, Lord, in his name, and the almighty. It’s fine to mention Buddha, Mohammed, or simply express your spirituality. Mention Jesus and you will raise eyebrows. Say he is the only way and you will be maligned or worse. Say the name of Jesus: it will cost you. As a follower of Jesus….there is no room in the middle.

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  • Antisemitism – An evil as old as the world

    Sometimes antisemitism is veiled behind pseudo peace movements and mainline churches who only find Israel as the one to blame…..again.

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