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Panorama of Jerusalem, Israel. View from the Mount of Olives.

Recent Articles

  • Presenting a Different Jesus

    God doesn’t want us to feel better about ourselves, but to have a realistic view of how wretched we really are. Unfortunately, many people are being led astray by churches and leaders who are presenting a different Jesus to the world.

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  • Are They Getting Away With Murder?

    After I watched the news last night and thought about the horrific things people do to one another, I turned off the television and lamented: Are they getting away with murder?

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  • The Quiet Intrusion of the False Gospel

    Instead of hearing the gospel that leads to heart transformation, many receive confirmation they really aren’t that bad, in fact, they are misled into believing they are pretty good people after all.

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Other Articles

  • Abortion: It’s Beyond Politics

    Satan is at work doing what he does best. He is stealing, killing, destroying and is very much undeterred by the politics of the day. Let’s look past the marches, party lines, and below the surface of the issue to the eternal damage being done in the name of choice.

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  • Christian Cruise Control

    We are walking through this life and we are surrounded by masses of people going down, brushing past us, smiling, joking, and completely unaware that they will stand before the holy God of the universe to be judged.

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  • Churchianity isn’t Christianity

    What do the great actors of film have to do with last days Christianity? Quite a lot because we are living in a day when it’s not easy to differentiate between the true followers of Jesus and those who are simply Christian actors. I don’t know what motivates one to be a pretender instead of the real thing. One thing is certain: Churchianity isn’t Christianity.

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