About Our Ministry

Concerning The Times is a Bible teaching and evangelistic ministry and our primary focus is proclaiming the gospel to the lost and exhorting believers through End Time Bible prophecy. We use Bible prophecy in evangelism because God’s word is 100% accurate and the world is looking for hope and won’t find it anywhere else but in the Lord Jesus.

The level of spiritual deception in our day is building via the ecumenical, emergent church, seeker sensitive, and dominionism movements sweeping through the evangelical church. Although not exclusively, our ministry is active in the area of discernment in order to warn others about the proliferation of false teaching today. We don’t peddle sensationalism, blood moon hype, date setting, or ‘Bible Codes’ because they are unbiblical distractions.

We are saddened by the amount of eschatological sectarianism taking place in the body of Christ. We don’t believe the timing of the rapture should be a cause for division. We should take issue with those who deny the rapture and other orthodox teachings. This is a call for unity among believers.

We spread the good news of Jesus through our regular articles, video teaching, Bible studies, and one on one evangelism and discipleship. Our ministry is active in the area of outreach and compassion. We have partnered with several other Christ honoring ministries through our ‘give’ page to spread the gospel around the world in areas of desperate need both spiritually and physically.

We partner with local ministries here in the Indianapolis area to help reach the least of these through Bible studies, giving discipleship materials, and meeting immediate material needs in Jesus name. We distribute Winter coats, gloves, and sleeping bags to people on the streets.

We are making the gospel of Jesus known through discipleship ministry, Bible studies for homebound-shut in believers and non-believers, through street ministry via gospel tracts, and handing out literature at abortion clinics.

Concerning The Times receives numerous prayer requests, spiritual questions, praise reports, and testimonies giving glory to the Lord from dozens of countries around the world.

Concerning The Times is the Bible teaching and evangelistic ministry of Howard Green. His articles can be found in Christian teaching, Bible prophecy ministry websites and many periodicals. He has been featured on radio and has a video teaching channel on YouTube. This ministry exists to glorify the name of Jesus and make Him known to the lost. Howard lives in Carmel Indiana with his family.

For more information and questions about Concerning The Times or to contact Howard for ministry inquiries or speaking:  click here.