About Our Ministry

Concerning The Times is a teaching and evangelistic ministry. Our primary focus is proclaiming the gospel to the lost and exhorting believers through End Time Bible prophecy.

We believe the current geopolitical, economic, and certainly declining spiritual conditions within the church are all indicative of the soon return of Jesus.

Solid biblical End Time teaching shouldn’t be sensational, speculative, or entertainment. ‘Bible Codes’, date setting, and new revelations are unscriptural distractions.

End Time Bible prophecy is the focus of Concerning The Times because it will:

Warn unsaved people of the eternal danger they are in, their desperate need to repent, and to trust in Jesus for eternal salvation. It will exhort believers to renewed holiness and to bold living as strangers and aliens in this world. Bible prophecy equips believers to contend for the faith and refute the prosperity gospel, ecumenism, seeker sensitive, market/purpose driven false teaching that’s proliferating in many churches today. 

Concerning The Times regularly receives numerous prayer requests, inquiries-spiritual questions, praise reports and testimonies giving glory to the Lord from dozens of countries around the world. We distribute Bibles and tracts to further the gospel. Through our ‘Give’ page, we partner with other ministries to bring the good news and help people in desperate material need.

Concerning The Times is the teaching and evangelistic ministry of Howard Green. His articles can be found on Christian teaching and Bible prophecy ministry websites including Olive Tree Ministries, Rapture Ready and can be found in periodicals such as the Levitt Letter and others. He has been featured on radio and has a video teaching channel on YouTube. Howard lives in Carmel Indiana with his family.

For ministry inquiries or to contact Howard:   click here.