Wars and Rumors of Wars

U.S. Military in Trouble


As the United States military continues it’s decline, we are witnessing the world become a much more dangerous place for us. We seem to be abandoning our allies and rolling out the red carpet of appeasement for our enemies.

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Moscow on the Mediterranean


How do these recent developments tie together and how might they fit into the end time scenario? No one can be certain, but I have noticed that this is the first time in history when the events written in Ezekiel 38 could possibly take place.

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A Deal With the Devil


Benjamin Netanyahu, some conservative congressman, and certainly Christians who understand Bible prophecy are sounding the alarm…..as they see the west making a deal with the devil.

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Global Situation Update

When we step back and view current events through the lens of scripture, the things taking place in recent weeks and months seem less random and more like they are belonging to the end time scenario. We will cover several topics and focus on two that are certainly prophetic in scope. Here is the current Global Situation Update:

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Middle East Meltdown


A nuclear weapon in the wrong hands, an attack on Israel, or blockading a vital waterway for oil transit is unthinkable….yet quite likely. Any of these events would most certainly trigger a: middle east meltdown.

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