Carnal Christianity

Scoffers Will Come


We want to focus on here is the elephant in the middle of the evangelical livingroom. The elephant in the room is the continued ignoring of sound end time Bible prophecy teaching.

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Flirting With Jezebel


I’m simply jealous for the rightful place of ‘church’ and ‘fellowship’ in Christian life because many are becoming social hubs, not places of prayer, evangelism, and discipleship.

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Peddling Jesus


They are selling the features and benefits of “the Christian life.” At the end of the day, I believe time will show that they are creating consumers….not making disciples. They are selling a “Christian lifestyle”……not pointing the way to the crucified life.

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Called Out of Darkness

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It’s a sad day when the lines between many who call themselves “Christian” and people in this dark world are virtually indistinguishable. Our generation is marked by pseudo-Christians who are dabbling in the darkness instead of being called out of darkness.

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Under the Radar


Why should we be concerned that we are living in a day when George Clooney’s wedding receives more media coverage than recent a terrorist attack and for a greater period of time? Maybe it’s because those of us who are watching and waiting for the Lord’s return see an increase in pivotal events that are going by unnoticed…..under the radar.

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