Bible Teaching Ministries & Eschatology 

Moriel Ministries – Excellent Christ-honoring Bible teaching by Jacob Prasch

Apologetics Coordination Team – Information on unbiblical issues in the church by Sandy Simpson

Believers in Grace Fellowship – Link to the excellent blog and youtube teaching of Pastor Bill Randles

Fellowship Bible Chapel – Timely prophecy updates from John Haller

Christian Ministerial Fellowship International – CMFI exists to advance the Christian faith

Spread The Truth – Bible studies and articles relevant to our time by Paul Sherbird

Olive Tree Ministries – Jan Markell helping people understand the times biblically

Rapture Ready –  One-stop resource for articles, resources, and all things Bible prophecy

The Prophetic Years – Worldviews, Bible prophecy, and excellent commentary by Don Koenig

Rapture Forums – An interactive community awaiting the return of the Lord Jesus


Discernment & Apologetics Ministries

Kjos Ministries – Trusting God in changing times with research & articles by Berit Kjos

Lighthouse Trails – Exposing the New Spirituality

Apostasy Watch – Warning about false doctrine and the wolves among us

Ankerberg Theological Research Institute – Demonstrating that Christianity is true

Spiritual Research Network – Proclaiming the gospel & biblical discernment – Chris Lawson

Hope for the World – Gary Kah analyzes current trends in light of scripture

Good Fight Ministries – Discerning the signs of the times with Joe Schimmel



Christian Radio & Video teaching

Understanding the Times Radio – Many excellent teachers discuss topics from a biblical perspective

A.W. Tozer Sermons – Now you can listen to excellent sermons by A.W. Tozer right here

One Place – New radio broadcasts from 100s of ministries (inclusion not necessarily endorsement by CTT)



Bible Study Tools & Recommended Reading

A. W. Tozer Daily Devotional Daily biblical insight from a servant of God

Foxe’s Book of Martyrs – Classic account of the life, suffering, and death of many faithful Christians

Bible Hub – Online Bible, Greek & Hebrew study tools, commentaries, library, and more

Islam – The religion of peace?


Compassion Ministries & Resources

Voice of the Martyrs – Assisting our brothers & sisters in the persecuted church worldwide

Bethany Christian Services – Help for hurting women considering abortion

Pornography Harms – Countering pornography and helping hurting people.

Compassion International – Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name

Resources for Evangelism –  Gospel tracts in many languages to share (printable)


Relevant World & National News

Koenigs International News  – Excellent source for news, commentary, and Christian links

One News Now – The day’s world & national news from a biblical perspective







  • mike

    I’ve been revisiting the unbiblical practices at Bethel Redding and the bringing heaven down to earth and “drunk in the spirit” junk. It is so obvious that these people are imparting unclean spirits upon those seeking feeling something supernatural. It is occult witchcraft and bothersome that so many christians don’t understand what the Holy Spirit is like. Peace, joy, love, gentleness, quiet is not what these screaming, ticking, twitching folks are exhibiting. Same thing happens to those that try to speak to spirits, table tipping, yoga and other new age junk. The acceptance of dominionism today I feel is trending up. Discernment is trending way down. Thanks for your research on that and for acknowledging that the spiritual gifts have not ceased.

  • Wayne Edwards

    Enjoyed the info and look forward to part 2. I read RR daily and I love prophecy and always on the lookout for false teaching. Thank you.

  • Thanks for writing Concerning the Times.

  • disqususername1234

    Thank you!