January 2015

Remaking God In 3 Easy Steps


We are living in a day where some ‘professing Christians’ are trying to market God in a user friendly package. We will now look at some reasons for their religious marketing scheme and their bent on remaking God in 3 easy steps.

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No Other Name


Isn’t that an amazing truth? Christians have witnessed to hundreds of different ethnicities, sects, and people of various religious backgrounds for the last twenty centuries and the gospel was what brought people to a saving knowledge of Jesus. Why do some in “Christian” circles want to do things differently? What do they hope to achieve?

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Same Old Same Old…..New Age Movement


When we take a realistic look at the new age movement it becomes clear that it’s teachings are reconstituted and regurgitated doctrines of demons from the past. The only difference now is they are repackaged in the shiny boxes and bows of self realization, intellect, and inclusion.

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