October 2014

Under the Radar


Why should we be concerned that we are living in a day when George Clooney’s wedding receives more media coverage than recent a terrorist attack and for a greater period of time? Maybe it’s because those of us who are watching and waiting for the Lord’s return see an increase in pivotal events that are going by unnoticed…..under the radar.

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Is Bible Prophecy Relevant? Part 1


What we will look at now is the elephant in the room. It’s a growing trend to negate Bible prophecy in our day. Believers need to answer this question with clarity and boldness:

Is Bible prophecy relevant?

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Birth Pains are Increasing


Everywhere you look there are recurring themes in newspapers, blogs, and world news outlets for weeks now. Ebola, ISIS, and natural disasters dominate media outlet headlines. One look around at the world today and we will see that birth pains are increasing.

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