September 2014

Bema Seat Living

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There is a day coming in which every Christian will stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ. On that day we will see our Lord face to face and He will give us our rewards based on what we do for His kingdom now in this life. With that sobering thought in mind, we need to examine our heart and our motives to be intentional about Bema Seat living.

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Reign of Mahdi or Reign of Jesus

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While the Islamists envision a world wide kingdom ushered in by Mahdi and empowered by the false god Allah, followers of the one true God know who will rule this earth. Time bears out all truth and the question of who will rule the earth will be answered once and for all: Will there be a Reign of Mahdi or Reign of Jesus?

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Churchianity isn’t Christianity


What do the great actors of film have to do with last days Christianity? Quite a lot because we are living in a day when it’s not easy to differentiate between the true followers of Jesus and those who are simply Christian actors. I don’t know what motivates one to be a pretender instead of the real thing. One thing is certain: Churchianity isn’t Christianity.

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What about US ? America in the End Times

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Current events seem to be racing toward the last days with domino effect like speed. Many Christians, students of Bible prophecy, and people who want to know what the future holds are asking the same question: What about US ?

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