June 2014

Delusion at the Checkpoint

threats to Israel

What I find very disturbing, is a trend that has infiltrated the church. This trend started in mainline denominations and has quickly spread to an increasing number of evangelical circles. What is this disturbing trend? It is a movement that sides with Hamas, radical Palestinian groups, and the “peace in our time” crowd while demonizing Israel for defending itself.

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Middle East Meltdown


A nuclear weapon in the wrong hands, an attack on Israel, or blockading a vital waterway for oil transit is unthinkable….yet quite likely. Any of these events would most certainly trigger a: middle east meltdown.

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Are You Ready ?


By most observations, it does seem that a cataclysmic event or even a series of events is inevitable. There is another earth shaking event around the corner…..and that’s the Day of the Lord. With these two scenarios in mind, a question remains: Are You Ready ?

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