April 2014

No Room In The Middle


In the wide world of all inclusive ecumenical feel good religion….it’s ok to say God, Lord, in his name, and the almighty. It’s fine to mention Buddha, Mohammed, or simply express your spirituality. Mention Jesus and you will raise eyebrows. Say he is the only way and you will be maligned or worse. Say the name of Jesus: it will cost you. As a follower of Jesus….there is no room in the middle.

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Empty Tomb – Blessed Hope


The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus is the most debated, contested, and polarizing event in human history. It divides our calendar, volumes have been written about it, and over two billion people alive today claim it as the truth. It’s not my intent to debate the events because this…

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We are Strangers and Aliens

Everyone has an opinion of you. You are talked about, thought of, labeled, inadvertently ranked, grouped, and placed in a particular portion of humanity and society by other people you come into contact with. This placement is rarely spoken of but the implications are staggering. Most of us are just…

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